What makes Merchant Leather unique?

Every original piece is individually made by hand - no machines are used, no shortcuts are taken. That means the leather is hand cut and the stitches are saddle-stitched by hand using hand-waxed linen thread. This forces an amazing attention to every detail as well as creates strong, durable products. 

Highest possible quality vegetable tanned leather from two of the classic US tanneries. 5oz to 8oz top grain leather with an unfinished, natural suede interior. Vegetable tanned leather is unique in that it uses minimal chemicals in the tanning process and will darken and soften with age. However, no two hides are the same – color and markings make every hide distinct. 

Highest quality, solid brass and nickel plated brass. 

Natural Finish:
I was unhappy with the harsh nature of traditional leather finishes (Neatsfoot oil is bad for your skin and eyes). Not finding anything else I liked on the market I ended up developing my own. The custom combination of Olive Oil, Lanolin, Jojoba Oil and Beeswax make for a beautiful, natural finish and leather moisturizer.