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Barter: verb | bar·ter  \ ˈbär-tər \ to trade by exchanging one commodity for another : to trade goods or services in exchange for other goods or services

I use to sell Merchant Leather good at dozens of art, craft and other shows all over the country. One of my favorite parts of every show was the bartering that happened between artists. I loved to opportunity to admire the work of other artists and trade goods for goods (most of my favorite things I own have been traded for with other artists).

I also know that it's difficult for an artist to afford another artist's work (yet they often appreciate it the most because they know the time and effort that went into creating it). 

Because of work and family obligations, I don't travel for shows anymore but I still love to barter - hence this page!

If you are a fellow artist or craft person and are interested in trading work for work, please let me know! There is a form below, otherwise send me an email at 

I love to barter most things craft and anything fine arts, including:
Photography, painting, pottery, mixed-media, stained glass, woodworking, metal work, furniture, blown glass, toys, drawings, jewelry, ceramics, sculpture, etc...

As for what I'll offer up, pretty much anything - from belts and key-chains to tote-bags and briefcases. Some currently available items (mostly prototypes or demo bags) are below but I'm happy to discuss if there is something else you are looking for.

I won't be able to barter with everyone (and some artists won't be my style, sorry!), but I will do my best to work with everyone who is interested. 

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