Tote Bag Class

Tote Bag Class


Cost per person/tote: $225

Class dates:
Tuesday, April 24th
Tuesday, May 29th

The instruction will be broken into two separate classes - each lasting 3 hours.

The first class will be used for leather prep (if needed), marking the pattern and punching the stitches. If time allows, we'll begin sewing the handles as well. Some sewing might be required between classes depending how far along you are.

The second class will be dedicated to sewing and any finishing needed. If you don't finish by the end of class, I will send you home with any tools you may need to finish. 

Once you add the class to your cart, you will be asked a series of follow-up questions, they are:

Bag choice Please see the photos, they are titled as to which bag they are. They include most of the designs I offer but I had to limit a few because of time and materials. If you have any questions or were hoping for a different bag, please let me know in advance. 

Leather choice: Please see the photos. I will do my best to accommodate all the choices but may run short of some colors. If I do, I will email you with back up options.

Once you place you order, I will email you to confirm attendance and your choices. Once they are confirmed, you will not be able to change your bag or leather choice. Please ask any questions before purchasing.

Additionally, there will be no refunds for cancellations - sorry! - once I confirm your attendance, the leather will be cut shortly after and I can't make changes.

If you do need to miss a class for some reason, please let me know as soon as possible and we can try to work out an alternative.

Uptown Heating and Cooling - Community Room
Bryn Mawr Location
400 Cedar Lake Road South
Minneapolis, 55405

This is the first Tote Bag Class, so please bear with me as I work out the details!

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